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We can summarize our vision and mission into three concise points. Our own SeaBoater yacht models follow these simple but valuable rules as our first considerations:

1. Cost-effectiveness and an extraordinary price-performance ratio: You will always find that SeaBoater yachts have a lower cost than more popular yacht brands; yet at the same time, price-performance is the same or even better. Cost-effectiveness is not only applied to the yacht-building process, but also to our cost-effective renewable energy solutions that lower the cruising costs of the yacht.
Mission statement: "Our boats have no fuel costs!"

2. Latest yacht-building technologies: We are using the latest high-tech solutions with the best price-value ratio. We are fully focused on creating our own visions that begin with the latest technologies and promoting these same technologies throughout the yacht-building process.
Mission statement: "Latest technology, of course, but with a great price-value ratio and with respect for the Earth’s environment!"

3. Ecology: Every SeaBoater yacht project has high-ecological standards and runs with a zero carbon footprint! We are working with kite-wind energy, solar panels and electrical engines only.
Mission statement: "Our boats do not have diesel tanks!"

SeaBoater's cost-effectiveness and extraordinary price-performance ratio, coupled with our latest yacht-building solutions and ecologically focused technologies, are our major advantages. SeaBoater ensures that all our existing and potential customers will recognize our approach.